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Private Tours

National Gallery

Tower of London

British Museum


Marvel in some of the greatest masterpieces in Western European art from 1250-1900AD. See art by Da Vinci, Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt, Turner, Van Gogh, and more.

Explore 1000-year-old royal fortress. You’ll see where three queens have been executed, the Crown Jewels, and Henry VIII’s armour. Learn about the Yeoman Warders, ravens, and famous prisoners. Great for families to explore.

Explore 2 million years of human history and world culture. See the Rosetta stone, an Easter Island Statue, a giant Egyptian pharaoh bust, the remains of some of the greatest architecture from the ancient Greeks, and so much more.

Westminster Abbey

St Paul's Cathedral

Spitalfields – East London


This royal church is the where coronation ceremonies take place, and where Prince William & Catherine Middleton married in 2011. See the final resting places English monarchs, Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin.

This architectural masterpiece is the focus of national commemoration and celebration. See the awe-inspiring open interior, climb the 365ft dome, and see the tombs of British military heroes.  Hear the story of its reconstruction after the great fire of 1666 and how it survived World War II bombing.

The walking tour explores the waves of immigration, rag trade, and markets that have shaped Spitalfields, East London. See Banksy Street art, a former Jewish soup Kitchen, and brick lane - the curry capital of London. Discover the City of London’s financial centre and its wacky skyscrapers.

City of London pubs

Aristocratic St James’s

Prestigious Mayfair


A walking tour and pub crawl that guides you through some of the most beautiful and historic pubs in the City of London. Explore hidden back alleys to see stuffed parrots, Charles Dickens former watering hole and where the first dictionary was written.

Explore the secrets of this often overlook and esteemed part of central London. Discover its aristocratic history and see the most exclusive private clubs in the world. See where Winston Churchill bought his cigars and hats, where comic Charlie Chaplin bought his bowler hat, Britain’s only Nazi memorial, and where John Lennon first met Yoko Ono.

This walking tour in central London shows you where you can find the finest suits, retail, and dining in the world. See the first art school in London, the most exclusive nightclub in the world, and where London’s first telephone call was made. Includes spies and historic shopping arcades.

Natural History Museum, Kensington

Science Museum, Kensington


science musuem.jpg

International famed for its dinosaur and fossil collections, this free museum is great for families. Features Blue Whale and giant Sloth skeletons, meteors, and Darwin's personal specimens. Ride an earthquake simulator, see a moving T-rex and a stuffed Dodo. Have a Biological Sciences degree I would love to share the story of life on our planet with you.

See up-close the scientific inventions and objects that shaped the modern world. Learn about the evolution of the engine, using the original 1700's machines. Learn about major advancements in medicine, transport and communication. Discover original propeller planes, an enigma machine, pharmacies, spaceships, workshops, and more!

The best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. With a private driver we can explore this World Heritage site. If time we can then explore the nearby Salisbury Cathedral with its famous 123 metre spire. This is a full day tour with a 1.5 hour drive each way.

Windsor Castle

Harry Potter

Churchill War Rooms


The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Here is where Harry and Meghan got married and where the queen spend here weekends. With a private driver or via train we can take go on a day trip to explore this site. Travel here takes 45 to 90 minutes each way. The entire outing typically lasts 5-6 hours.

Explore real Harry Potter film locations though this walking tour in central London. Hear fascinating stories behind the films, and discover London’s connection to the wizarding world through magnificent landmarks such as St Pauls Cathedral, Borough Market, Millennium Bridge, the Tate Modern, and more!

Explore the underground Second World War bunkers in Westminster. Here Churchill and his cabinet commanded the war.


Imperial War Museum, Lambeth

Bespoke Tour

image00010 me park.jpeg

A walking tour of Westminster is great if you don't have much time in London. See the home of British royalty, politics, and the West End entertainment district. Witness the soldiers protecting the monarch, at the changing of the guard.

This national museum records all conflicts in which British or Commonwealth forces have been involved since 1914. My tour here is focused on World War One, full of first hand accounts and gruesome stories (Horrible Histories style). Learn what life in the WWI trenches was like, and the experience of going over the top.

Interested in a particular area, topic, or museum in London? Just let me know. From themed tours in architecture, food, spies, royalty, London highlights, etc. I could guide you through an area or particular museum you might be interest in such as in Southbank, the Clink Museum, Soho, Leicester square, etc. Even if i can't do it, i'm sure to know someone who can.

Booking information

Half-day tours last up to 4 hours and full-day tours up to 9 hours. Morning tours can run until 1pm and afternoon tours can start from 1:30pm. Tours can include multiple site visits. Private tours start from £290 for a half-day, £390 for a full day, and are flexible, dependent on numbers, length of tour and the type of experience you are looking for. Feel free to get in touch to discuss further.

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